REview: Marianne (2019)

Netflix’s Marianne is a pretty entertaining horror series, which is worth mentioning because there’s plenty of horror out there, and not all of it is worth watching.

The series–coming in at a lean eight episodes–revolves around a writer, Emma Larsimon (Victoire Du Bois), who’s drawn by tragedy back to her home town, which begats even more tragedy.

And that may sound similar to Stephen King’s IT, and you wouldn’t be wrong though I think it’s better than the movie (which wasn’t terrible but wasn’t that great, either).

And speaking of Marianne it’s worth mentioning that actress Mireille Herbstmeyer, as Madame Daugeron, far scarier than Pennywise could ever be.

I suspect that that’s because SHE DOESN’T APPEAR TO BE TRYING SO HARD.

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