Watchmen (2019) | Official Trailer

I’m assuming that this is the last trailer for HBO’s upcoming Watchmen series (especially when it premieres this year) but I’m liking what I’ve seen thus far. And while that’s been damn little at this point, it at least looks like it’s striking new territory, as opposed to just repeating what Alan Moore did with […]

As If Alan Moore Wasn’t Irritated Enough

Studios executives sometimes seem as if they do things to deliberately alienate the audience (coincidentally, the very same people that they expect to pay to see their movies). For instance, Alan Moore, as the writer of “Watchmen,” quite possibly the most acclaimed comic ever, was never keen that his projects be adapted for feature films. […]

Changing A Film (Hopefully) For The Better

Sometimes, when novels and comics are adapted into movies, filmmakers take liberties with one aspect or another of the production, in an effort to create something that doesn’t alienate fans or casual viewers.  Sometimes these changes are necessary for numerous reasons, such as: a particular novel may be too long, and scenes may require cutting […]