REview: Watchmen (2019) | S1 Ep1 – It’s Summer and We’re Running Out of Ice

Damon Lindelof’s interpretation–truth be told I’m not at all sure what to call it–of Alan Moore’s and Dave Gibbons’ Watchmen is a pretty interesting bird.

And as much flack as Lindelof gets for Star Trek: Into Darkness and Prometheus (relatively little of which was actually deserved) you can’t say that the man is afraid to fly in the face of fans expectations because I suspect his look into the world of Watchmen isn’t quite what a lot of people would’ve expected.

And that’s okay because as long as it’s faithful to the ethos of that universe it’s all good.

And judging from the first episode, it appears to be.

What’s interesting is that, while faithful to the somewhat dystopian feel and look of the original comic, it takes it in an unexpected direction and while I won’t even try to judge how the rest of the series will go I’m pretty confident it will at the very least maintain the momentum of the comic.

And that’s a pretty good foundation to build upon.

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