‘Mama’ Leading Weekend Box Office

MamaIt seems that I am not the only one with mother issues because the Guillermo Del Toro produced horror film, “Mama,” has already earned $10 million Friday, and is on track to add another $20 million by the end of the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday.

Unfortunately, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s, “The Last Stand” seems to be paying the price for “Mama’s” success, earning $2 million (which is a bittersweet victory because, while I will see most anything with Del Toro’s name associated with it, I like the work of Jee woon-Kim, whose film “I Saw The Devil” is well worth catching).

And while I am never particularly fond of PG-13 horror films, they tend to work better than hard-R’s in the at it opens up the film to a larger audience.

What I also find interesting is that it has a 65% ‘fresh’ rating at Rottentomatoes, which is good for a horror film, though that rating could fall as more reviews come in.

I’ll have a review coming soon.

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