New ‘Man Of Steel’ Trailer

I don’t want to like this movie.  I am a Marvel fanboy and think that Superman is rather lame.  Even lamer is David Goyer, who I will forever remember as the many who killed ‘Blade,” and was too arrogant to say “I’m sorry.  I f%cked up.”

Christopher Nolan produced the movie, whom I also don’t think too much of (despite him seeming very gracious when I was an extra on “The Dark Knight Rises”).  I don’t want “realistic” superheroes.  I live in reality , and don’t want too much of its influence spreading to my comicbook-based movies.

And Zach Snyder?  He reminds me of Michael Bay, without the zeal, the passion that makes Bay more interesting than he has any right to be.

And yet this trailer has convinced me that I have to at least see this movie before I pan it.

Baby steps.  Baby steps.

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