‘The Purge’ Review

The Purge

“Great Concept, So-So Movie.”

What is it with these movies that seem so afraid to take any sort of risk, seemingly because they might offend someone?  First there was the “The Internship,” that somehow manages to forget that when most people – including Vince Vaughan, I suspect –  lose jobs (and houses, and girlfriends…) they don’t tend to feel that good about it.

“The Purge” is similar in that it takes an excellent premise – in the year 2022 America is governed by ‘The Founding Fathers,’ who institutes an annual purge, one day a year,when people are free to do whatever violent act they choose, without repercussions.

This isn’t done without cause, or on a whim because it’s learned (somehow) that as a result of the catharsis that comes about from the release of violence and deeply hidden anger, crime has fallen countrywide to one percent.

There’s a logic to the film’s premise – which is not the same as saying that it’s not hokum – in that it’s not hard to swallow.

In fact, that premise was primarily the reason I saw the film.

Unfortunately, the film tell you nothing about these mysterious ‘Founding Fathers.’  They sound vaguely Tea Party-ish, though who knows?  How did  they come to power?  How were they able to institute such a seemingly barbaric program?

As it stands “The Purge” is a bit above-average as home invasion flicks go – and significantly better than “The Strangers” – which seemed to confuse slowness with suspense – though I wold like to see one movie this year that at least attempts to live up to its potential.

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