‘OldBoy’ Remake Poster

OldboyI am not sure about the “Oldboy” remake.  I think Spike Lee is an interesting choice to helm an English-language remake of Chan-wook Park’s visceral film, but the poster seems to set the wrong tone. Josh Brolin, playing the role originated by Min-sik Choi, in the poster seems too aware, almost hyper-aware, in fact.

Now, the movie may be another animal entirely, but I have always thought of a movie poster as an appetizer, something that sets up your palate for the upcoming meal.

This poster, it’s too clever, too stylish by half for a film (the original) that’s very primal, that’s always of the verge of serious brutality.

By way of comparison, here’s the original poster, and accompanying trailer.

OldBoy (original)

Thanks to Comingsoon.net for the heads up.


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