REview: Synchronic (2019) | Moorhead & Benson’s Attempt At The Mainstream (Mainly) Works

I’ve always been interested in quirky and idiosyncratic movie directors – though not always their personal lives – people that no matter what they’re doing bring their own distinct flavor and point of view to the project. That’s the case with artists (not a word I throw around lightly. Just because you’re a director doesn’t […]

BlackkKlansman – Official Trailer #1

Spike Lee can be a very controversial director, though I typically find his movies somewhat difficult to watch. This is due less to the subject matter–though he can be a bit pedantic at times–than he has certain stylistic tendencies (such as putting the actors on dollies and pulling them through a scene) that typically feels […]

Triple 9 Official Trailers 1 & 2

Can I say that John Hillcoat’s Triple 9 looks awesome?  Heist/police thriller are a guilty pleasure of mine because when they’re done well, they’re a thing of beauty. In particular I enjoyed Bruce Malmuth’s Nighthawks (a Sylvester Stallone vehicle about a terrorist on the loose in New York, and the cops in pursuit of said terrorists), […]

Warcraft: The Beginning – Teaser Trailer

i honestly don’t think that they should have went the teaser trailer route with Duncan Jones’ upcoming Warcraft: The Beginning. If you’re Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Captain America: Civil War, or Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, you can have a teaser trailer. When you’re talking about a property that most people aren’t even aware of, […]

Da Sweet Blood of Jesus – Review

“Entertaining, in that singularly unique Spike Lee way.” Spike Lee is a fascinating director, for better or for worse.  By which I mean, the trip isn’t always the most leisurely, though if you’re prescient enough to see where he’s trying to take you, you find yourself the better for it. Da Sweet Blood of Jesus, the movie that he […]

‘Da Sweet Blood Of Jesus’ Trailer

I might have to turn in my African-American membership card after I admit this, but I have never been a huge fan of Spike Lee’s films.  I often admire what I assume are his goals when making them, but in my eyes the final execution always left something to be desired because (it felt to […]

‘Wish I Were Here,’ Trailer 1

You ever watch a trailer and get the feeling that the director is probably trying to be too artsy?  Well, that’s there feeling that I get from watching “Wish I Were Here,” the latest film from Zach Braff, while also fighting the urge to type, “Wish You Were Here,” which is an awesome song by Pink Floyd, […]

Was ‘Babylon A.D.’ Really That Bad?

While researching an article for WhatCulture, I noticed that the 2008 Vin Diesel vehicle, “Babylon A.D. was ranked at No. 92 on ‘The Worse Of The Worse,’ Rottentomatoes’ countdown of the worse movies from 2000-2009. I haven’t seen it in quite awhile, but I remember liking it a lot more than most of the critics that […]

‘OldBoy’ Red Band Trailer

WTF!?  I haven’t seen Chan-wook Park’s original “Oldboy” in awhile, and looking at Spike Lee’s reboot, I think I need to see it again.  This film looks out of control, at the very least atypical of Lee. In other words, I like it.

‘OldBoy’ Remake Poster

I am not sure about the “Oldboy” remake.  I think Spike Lee is an interesting choice to helm an English-language remake of Chan-wook Park’s visceral film, but the poster seems to set the wrong tone. Josh Brolin, playing the role originated by Min-sik Choi, in the poster seems too aware, almost hyper-aware, in fact. Now, […]