Was ‘Babylon A.D.’ Really That Bad?

While researching an article for WhatCulture, I noticed that the 2008 Vin Diesel vehicle, “Babylon A.D. was ranked at No. 92 on ‘The Worse Of The Worse,’ Rottentomatoes’ countdown of the worse movies from 2000-2009.

I haven’t seen it in quite awhile, but I remember liking it a lot more than most of the critics that reviewed it.

It was directed by Mathieu (if I were to have a child, and wanted to name him ‘Matthew,’ I would definitely use the French spelling.  Very, very awesome) Kassovitz, who’s prior film, “La Haine” (Hate) I thought was interesting less for the subject matter – it revolved around a few friends and the violence that came about as a result of their actions – than the fact that Kassovitz seemed like a Parisian Spike Lee to me.

Various critics savaged the film, which I would normally be bothered by if it were for the fact that Kassovitz himself didn’t like the film (he claimed that studio interference ruined it.  It wouldn’t be the first time, and I am reasonably certain not the last).

I am going to have to catch it again, though I don’t recall it being nearly as incomprehensible as many (if not all) of its reviewers say it was.

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