‘Skinwalker Ranch’ Trailer

Inspired By True EventsWhen I first saw the title, ‘Skinwalker Ranch,’ I assumed that it was somehow related to porn. It’s not, though after learning that’s it’s “Inspired By True Events” I almost wished that it were.

Because whenever a movie is “Inspired By True Events,” and that film is science fiction or horror, it generally means that the filmmakers have taken a strange incident, blown it way out of proportion and based a movie around it.  So an admittedly mysterious happening, like cattle mutilation, and strange lights suddenly become a harbinger of alien invasion.

I enjoy science fiction, and I enjoy horror, but when there’s an attempt to make something that clearly exists only in the imagination real, it gets irritating.

And that’s before actually seeing the movie.

That being said, the trailer looks pretty decent.  The CGI seems well-blended with the rest of the movie (it doesn’t hurt that a lot seems to happen at night, which is more forgiving as far as CGI goes, than the day).  The movie gets bonus points for starring Jon Gries, whom I recall from “The Pretender” and more recently, a few episodes of “Supernatural.”

By the way, a ‘skinwalker‘ is a person, generally a male, from Native American legend that had the ability to turn to animals, among other powers.  They were also usually evil, and had to commit heinous acts to get their power.

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