Are The Wachowski’s Re-entering ‘The Matrix?’

There’s talk about a new series of ‘Matrix’ films, and I think it’s an awesome idea.  The original story, about people fighting for the freedom to live in the world of the real, instead of a computer-generated facsimile, is a canvas broad enough that it can be easily be revisited.

The most important thing is that there are new characters, and that it is joined to the other films in the series only by its concept.

What a new series of films would have to be is also innovative, less in terms of the story–in terms of broad strokes, it would mimic that of the first film–than the special effects that drive it.

After all, seeing things in ‘bullet time’ is so common these days that we don’t think twice about it, despite that before “The Matrix” such effects were innovative, and never before seen.

Now, just about every movie out there has something in bullet time-like, even those that don’t particularly need it (like the face huggers from Paul W. Anderson’s “AVP”).  In fact, it’s an effect that can be created on a home computer, which tells you that not only are computers becoming more and more powerful, but how it was so unusual.

The original film was a victim of its own success, ending up so popular that two sequels, “The Matrix Reloaded” and “The Matrix Revolutions” were made, each unfortunately bringing little in terms of FX innovation, and even less in terms of plot and storyline.

Hopefully, if the Wachowski’s return the Matrix, the likelihood that a new trilogy will work better, and seem more organic because he likelihood is high that they would be making a series of films from the get-go.

Which is an entirely different experience from the first trilogy, which felt like–after the first film– that it was thrown together because someone flashed a thick wad of money in their faces.


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