New ‘Robocop’ Trailer

The “Robocop” reboot trailers are getting better.  This latest one feels more focused than the last, and while it still doesn’t appear  as insane as Paul Verhoeven‘s original, it now at least looks like it might be worth a ticket.

I just realized that Joel Kinnaman is playing Murphy/Robocop, I recall him from “The Killing,” which is an awesome bit of television.  He also does one of the best American accents that I have heard from a foreign speaker (his father is American and his mother is Swedish and while Kinnaman holds dual citizenship, he was born in Sweden).

Samuel Jackson is, of course, Samuel Jackson, which is to say larger than life, though if the trailers any indicator, he’s being underused.  I also can’t tell if he’s the head of OCP (Omni Consumer Products) or just a spokesman.  Though, if Jackson is running OCP, it stands to reason that Michael Keaton is playing the role that was originated by Miguel Ferrer.

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