REview: The Car: Road To Revenge (2019) | Like Watching A Car Crash, Except Worse

The Car: Road To Revenge let’s be clear, is a bad movie. I don’t say that to dismiss the hundreds of people who likely worked hard to make this movie possible but because it steals liberally from both Robocop and The Crow (both remarkably better movies) yet manages not to do that very well. The […]

New ‘Robocop’ Trailer

The “Robocop” reboot trailers are getting better.  This latest one feels more focused than the last, and while it still doesn’t appear  as insane as Paul Verhoeven‘s original, it now at least looks like it might be worth a ticket. I just realized that Joel Kinnaman is playing Murphy/Robocop, I recall him from “The Killing,” […]