Apparently Marvel Is Promising More Daredevil

Apparently Marvel is promising more Daredevil,,,and it sounds like bs.  Though I’m getting the feeling that Netflix canceling two other Marvel series (Iron Fist and Luke Cage) in as many months has less to do ratings than Disney wanting exclusivity for all their characters.

And as I wrote yesterday, Daredevil was the flagship series of all the Marvel shows on Netflix–a status that could be replaced by The Punisher–so there’s no way anyone can tell me that Jessica Jones is getting another season beyond the third, which is already in the can. 

And that is problematic because there’s no way that the violence and sexuality portrayed in the Netflix series is going to turn up on Disney +.

Now Hulu (which due to Disney purchasing the film studio and many of the assets of 20th Century Fox) that’s another matter.  After all, they already have Runaways.  

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