Warner Bros. Is Preparing A Superman & Batman Feature

Warner Bros. has revealed that they are going ahead with a Superman & Batman feature, though my question is:  How could anybody be surprised by this?  At this point DC has only two “viable” characters – as in, almost guaranteed to make a profit – and that’s Superman (as “Man of Steel” has shown”) and Batman (as illustrated by Christopher Nolan’s ‘Batman’ trilogy).

But there’s a problem.  Henry Cavill will be – short of some sort of accident – returning to his role as the exile from Krypton.  But Christian Bale has said that there’s no way that he’s going to be Batman again if Nolan isn’t directing, and as far as anyone is aware, he isn’t.

So, Warner Bros. will have to find a new Batman.  Now, the question is:  Will they spring him on us in a stand-alone feature, or will the first we hear of him will be when he turns up with Superman?

I assume the latter because I am not too sure that Warners is willing to risk a future franchise on a Batman that evokes memories of Bale’s performance, minus the interest.

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