On ‘The Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Pictures

Guardians Of The GalaxyPictures from James Gunn’s “Guardians Of The Galaxy” have begun to turn up all over the Internets, and despite there being very little evidence  to base an opinion (an informed one, at any rate) everyone has begun to chime in about the quality of the film.

It’s worth mentioned that I am talking about a movie that no one has seen, by the way.

All based on a bunch of stills that make it impossible to see the size, the complexity of the undertaking.

This comes from people that don’t know anything (or very little) about film production.  Extras on a film set often wear costumes and makeup designed not to stand up to close scrutiny, because they’re more for background color, as opposed to main characters.

I been an extra on a few films at this point, and that’s always been the case.

That being said, I suspect that the people featured in the shots will play a very crucial role in the production because, unlike what some are saying, those costumes look pretty good.


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