Why ‘Pacific Rim’ Will Spawn A Sequel

Pacific Rim - Victory!I should mention that I have said the same thing about “Tron: Legacy,” and while there appears to be minimal movement on that front, all signs seem to indicate that it is happening.

Guillmero Del Toro’s “Pacific Rim,” which cost somewhere between $180-200 million to produce, and earned just over $407 million worldwide – most of that overseas – is going to result in a sequel.

How do I know this, you may ask?  Other than my almost obsessive desire to see the more of the universe that Del Toro created, that is?

First, Pacific Rim isn’t a continuation of anything.  It’s not a sequel, or based upon an existing franchise.  In such situations, marketing is crucial, though considering that Legendary Pictures was divorcing itself from its partnership with Warner Bros. at the time, it can be argued that ‘Rim’ performed relatively weak in this country (just over $100 million) primarily for that reason.

By way of comparison, you have to keep in mind that Star Trek: Into Darkness earned just over $465 million, and the likelihood of a sequel is high, despite that it performed significantly weaker overseas than Pacific Rim.

Overseas performance is important because the economies of places like China (though with over a billion people, China is a huge market) and Brazil are less mature than ours, which means that they potentially offer great returns (which is not to minimize the importance of the domestic box office).

And most importantly, I mentioned earlier that the brunt of the profits that Pacific Rim earned were from international box office receipts, which clearly shows that there’s a huge international audience for a sequel.

In fact, at the moment the biggest problem is one of distribution since Legendary Pictures is no longer working with Warner Bros., though there’s no law that states that they cannot co-produce another film, so that’s an option.  Another is that Legendary can go with Universal, their current partner, along with Warner Bros., which would go a long way to lowering costs for everyone concerned.

However it happens, we are going to see more of the world created by Guillermo Del Toro in Pacific Rim.

7 thoughts on “Why ‘Pacific Rim’ Will Spawn A Sequel

      1. The question is if it made a profit, and how much. As I wrote, the film cost somewhere in the ballpark of $180-200 million. The film would have to been profitable enough to warrant another film (probably costing a similar amount).

        I have heard talk since the film premiered about a sequel, though I have heard no one – neither Guillermo Del Toro or anyone from Warner Bros. or Legendary have yet confirmed it.

        I you have a link, I would really like to see it.

      2. Well there is one factor that will drag out any news on the sequel, and that would be Legendary’s new production partner after they have split from Warner Bros. Most likely Universal, but as its brand new there will be loads of talk about joint ventures and it just might take a while for any confirmations 😀

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