‘Devil’s Due’ Trailer

It looks like another movie is looking to capitalize on the formula made popular – and profitable – by “The Blair Witch Project” and the ‘Paranormal Activity’ films.  This time a woman has somehow been impregnated by Satan (I know how babies are traditionally made, though when you’re talking about the Prince of Darkness you never know how these things are going to go).

I actually like the idea behind films like this, but none that I have seen so far have been able to get around one glaringly irritating point.  Why would anyone not only carry around a camera virtually every moment, but film events that on the face of it are very innocuous – till some weirdness happens, that is.

If filmmakers could somehow integrate a more traditional movie with the found-footage concept, then they might have something.

Then again, what do I know?  As I mentioned earlier, many of these films make plenty wampum, which means as long as they do, there’ll be more.

I just wish so many of them didn’t quite suck so much.

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