‘Edge of Tomorrow’ Trailer

Let me first come out and say that I think Tom Cruise is a pretty competent actor.

That being said, I don’t think he can ever be great at his craft because he can’t seem to get over himself.  ‘Edge’ is Cruise-centered, as usual (which makes sense when you’re the star of a film) but you can be certain before frame one that things are going to go well for his side.

I like the concept of this film, in which a soldier in a future war is killed, but instead of staying dead, comes back at the same point; territory I am pretty certain has been covered by “The Twilight Zone (all the really innovative and clever ideas have).”

The interesting thing is that he learns from his errors, so does things differently each time, changing his future in little – albeit significant – ways.

I should say that I also like the original title, “All You Need Is Kill” much, much better.

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