‘Sacrament’ Red Band Trailer

While I think that it’s a bit much to call director Ti West a “critic’s darling” his films tend to be well-regarded by most.  He’s an interesting director (and actor.  The last film he appeared in was “You’re Next”) but I think his work tends to be a bit over-rated.  It’s very watchable, and even engaging at times though his endings, particularly in the case of “The House of the Devil” sometimes just peter out.

He’s back with “The Sacrament,” which plays like a movie version of the Jonestown massacre (though to be honest I doubt that West’s movie is anywhere as horrific as that).

I noticed that the the trailer also has an actual correspondent from Vice playing what seems to be a starring role.  It’s interesting casting, though a bit odd and may confuse people familiar with the hard news network.


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