‘Gotham’ Trailer

“Gotham” is a series about Gotham City before Batman, which reminds me:  Why would anyone care about Gotham City before Batman?  That’s not to imply that I am saying that a young Commissioner Gordon is by any means incompetent but you take away the Caped Crusader, you’re left with a procedural like “Law & Order,” except in a make-believe city.

With really odd, quirky villains.


4 thoughts on “‘Gotham’ Trailer

  1. Yeah, that’s the flaw. Make believe villains who can’t go full-comic book because codename and costume means that Batman goes from “I wear the costume and use the name because criminals are a superstitious and cowardly lot” to “everyone else was doing it”.

    Then there’s standard cop-show vs future-Batman-villains show. People are going to want the future-Batman-villains show. They know that, that’s why they made the about that.but how long can you drag that out? And standard cop-show episodes are going to become like the non-Mythos episodes in The X-Files,and those episodes in many other shows which the fans hate because they waste time between “good” episodes.

    And you set up a Batman who is 10+ years younger than all his villains. And none of the villains can die.

    It’s a good idea, but there will always be massive problems with the execution.

    1. I think it’s an interesting idea, but kind of silly because I just don’t care about a young Commissioner Gordon.

      And besides, the last time I checked all that prevented the Joker and his ilk from overrunning Gotham entirely was the Bat.

      Take him away, and the cops I suspect will become remarkably competent, which sort of implies that’s there no reason for Batman in the first place.

      1. Although the premise seems to swing on the Year One idea that “all Gotham cops are corrupt.” Which means that Batman isn’t needed. Or Gotham cops. Just Gordon.

        But, it probably will won’t be The Joker, but rather the-guy-who-will-one-day-become-the-Joker-but-isn’t-quite-comic-book-super-genius-super-insane yet. Which leads to the question… why? Sure, there’s foreshadowing. But that’ll give you 3 years or less or it’s just tease. Which makes Bruce Wayne about 11. Unless you jump about 3 years between each season and fans are going to feel cheated by that too. As you say it’s an interesting idea… I just think it’s a flawed idea for a series, for reasons we’ve both stated.

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