‘The Signal’ Trailer

Lawrence Fishburne is not only an awesome actor, but he also has one of the most distinctive voices in movies.  Like James Earl Jones, who voiced Darth Vader in the ‘Star Wars’ films, I honestly think that his voice adds value–and I mean literally.  I don’t know of any studies to buttress my point, but I get the feeling that his voice can add to a film’s bottom line–to any movie he appears in.

For instance, physically speaking a lot of people could have played ‘Morpheus,’ though few people could sound like him.

Fishburne’s latest project is, apparently, an alien invasion thriller called “The Signal.”

The trailer feels vaguely like “Transcendence,” though I hope that it does better at the box office.

What’s curious is that this is the second film called “The Signal.”  The first came out in 2008, and was really entertaining.


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