‘The Flash’ – Extended Trailer

I stopped watching the CW’s Arrow because (though intend to give it another try at some point) the producers reinterpreted some interesting characters, such as the Royal Flush Gang, in a manner that meant that they were the Royal Flush Gang in name only, reduced to a bunch of thieves with a playing card motif and no special abilities.

I prefer my superheroes as close to their versions in the comics as possible, unless you’re bringing something really innovative to the table.

And speaking of the CW, I just finished watching the extended trailer from The Flash.  I liked it, despite the dopey-looking costume.  It appears to me that the people behind it, the same that created Arrow by the way, are finally embracing the fantastical nature of the DC Universe.

And remembering why people read comics in the first place, which is a good thing.


5 thoughts on “‘The Flash’ – Extended Trailer

  1. This is an excellent trailer. Thanks for sharing. And you should definitely come back to the arrow. It’s been excellent of late, particularly the season finale. I must admit, I was never a comic reader, so I don’t know enough of the differences between comic and TV version to get irritated by them.

    1. My issue with Arrow is that it tries to be Nolanesque, by which I mean it’s trying to fit superheroes in a realistic context. The thing is, superheroes are by the nature not realistic. When you make it so, you have a lot of nutty people (because who else would run around in a costume after being inspired by, for example, a bat?) running around in costumes.

      At least The Flash acknowledges the fantastic, which I like.

    1. I agree! But I think it in a sense creates a problem for Arrow in that the Flash appears very fantastical (which is a good thing) which is why one would wonder why the villains he has to face are so “realistic” (I think that there may be a blog post in that).

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