James Gunn Announces DC Slate

The production slate for James Gunn’s and Peter Safran’s DC Universe was revealed and while the proof is in the pudding, let’s just say I’m a bit confused (when I’m not being underwhelmed). While I think the idea of leading off with a Superman film – Superman: Legacy – is inspired though fairly obvious, The […]

DC Universe Is Dead. Bury It

To paraphrase Superman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. DC Universe, the streaming channel dedicated to all things DC Comics, is finished. There’s been no announcement to that effect, but  the writing’s on the wall. First Swamp Thing was cancelled before it’s first EPISODE! And now Stargirl, a new series coming to DC Universe, […]

Trailer Into Reaction: Swamp Thing (2019) | Full Trailer

The trailer for DC Universe’s upcoming Swamp Thing dropped yesterday–and despite some alleged problems with the production–it looks pretty good. It appears to be playing up the more supernatural elements of the character–the swamp is the nexus of our reality and all that–which is a good thing. Another good thing is that it’s apparently taking […]

Doom Patrol – Teaser Trailer

Let me guess…they’re aiming for quirky here? DC Universe, the streaming service dedicated to DC Comics-based properties released a teaser trailer for their upcoming Doom Patrol series a few minutes ago and it looks…okay. And speaking of quirky, I think they’re trying too hard but if the series actually lives up to it I guess […]

‘The Flash’ – Extended Trailer

I stopped watching the CW’s Arrow because (though intend to give it another try at some point) the producers reinterpreted some interesting characters, such as the Royal Flush Gang, in a manner that meant that they were the Royal Flush Gang in name only, reduced to a bunch of thieves with a playing card motif and no special […]