James Gunn Announces DC Slate

The production slate for James Gunn’s and Peter Safran’s DC Universe was revealed and while the proof is in the pudding, let’s just say I’m a bit confused (when I’m not being underwhelmed).

While I think the idea of leading off with a Superman film – Superman: Legacy – is inspired though fairly obvious, The Authority is neither.

Who are The Authority? If you’re a comic reader you likely have some idea who they are (characters DC inherited from the purchase of WildStorm).

If not, you’re totally clueless, so what are Gunn and Safran doing to make them more familiar?

Considering that the movies that appear prior are Superman: Legacy, Creature Commandos, and Waller I just don’t get it.

And why isn’t DC Universe leading with their other heavy hitter? Batman (never mind how it differs from Matt Reeves’ interpretation)? The Brave and the Bold turns up midway, when it should appear earlier, certainly before The Authority.

Now maybe Gunn and Safran have it all planned out, but based on the movies featured, I’m just not feeling it.


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