Kindred is (Likely) Finished

I haven’t been in a hurry, despite being a fan of the work of Octavia Butler, to catch Kindred on Hulu, which in hindsight feels almost like a self-fulfilling prophesy because it’s already been cancelled.

That means that I know in advance that it’s going nowhere (Branden Jacobs-Jenkins, who adapted Butler’s writing for the show, is allowed to shop it to other networks but don’t hold your breath on it finding a new home) so when I decide to watch it’ll at least be done with the knowledge that no matter what I feel about the first season, there’s likely not to be another.

Which is comforting because I went into another series, Netflix’s 1899 really enthusiastic that there’d be another season.

That is, till it was announced that there wouldn’t be.

That was a bit of a blow because I thought it was an exceptionally clever series, and if I had known in advance it wasn’t going to continue, I might have approached the first season more tentatively as well.


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