The Perfect Guy – Trailer 2

I don’t tend to catch thrillers in theaters (if it isn’t horror, science fiction or Marvel Studios I don’t tend to be too interested, truth be told) though when I saw the trailer for The Perfect Guy I was surprised at how effective the first trailer was.  I appreciate a slow burn, and the portrayal of Carter (Michael Ealy) as kind and considerate for at least half the trailer before he went full on Fatal Attraction.

The second trailer plays the same, with the addition of Screaming Jay Hawkins’ “I Put A Spell On You” (speaking of which, I don’t know who sings the song. but Nina Simone would have been awesome).

The Perfect Guy probably going to make a bundle, if only because it seems geared at the African-American audience and probably has a relatively small budget (though Ealy isn’t exactly hard on the eyes).

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