Weaveworld Is Coming, So Why Am I Worried?

WeaveworldIn the past I have been a huge fan of Clive Barker’s work.  From the Books Of BloodImajica to the Great And Secret Show, if it were written by Barker, I was reading it though I began to move away from his writing when I noticed in books like Sacrament that it seemed that he was moving away from horror.

I also enjoyed, for the most part, the movies he helmed like Hellraiser and Lord Of Illusions (Nightbreed had some good elements, though I always felt that it never quite jelled for me).

I particularly recall enjoying Weaveword as well, though when I recently learned that he was executive producing (and I assume writing, sooner or later) a series based on it, I got a bit of a sinking feeling because its on network tv (the CW) and if there’s one thing that permeated Barker’s work, which I am reasonably sure won’t translate, is a sensualness–in some instances, blatantly so–of Barker’s writing.

I was always of the opinion that sex was what underlie most of his novels and short stories (as well as his movies,  particularly Hellraiser and The Lord Of Illusions) and be it hetero or homo, if you take that away from the reinterpretation of his work, while it may be interesting, it’s not Barker.

Which is why I am surprised to learn that Weaveworld failed to work on Showtime.  I don’t know the details, cable sounds like the perfect place for it (or Netflix.  That would be awesome).

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