Jessica Jones – Full Trailer

When words like ‘dark’ were used to describe Netflix’s upcoming Marvel series, Jessica Jones, I assumed that they were mainly referring to their last entry, Daredevil.

Looking at the new trailer, I have to say that they’re definitely kicking things up a few notches.  From what I could see, it looks like Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) is a former superhero who’s given up her cape (or tights) and trying to make it work as a private eye.

It’s interesting in that Jessica Jones looks like Fatal Attraction, with super-powered individuals.

She’s picking up the pieces of her life, when things get interesting.  As a superhero she was victimized by Kilgrave (David Tennant, based on Marvel Comics’ the Purple Man), who used to her to satisfy his every whim (including those of a sexual nature, apparently) so she’s not quite over the trauma, when he comes back for her.

What makes him so dangerous is that, due to pheromones, he’s able to make people do anything that he asks them to and if the trailer is at all accurate, it’s an ability he’s not afraid to use, as he has virtually everyone in a police station kill each other, and apparently forces Jessica Jones to witness it.

It’s pretty dark stuff.  Marvel has been killing it–pardon the pun–as far as their movies go, now it seems that their television shows, based on their street-level heroes are just as daring and innovative.

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