Jessica Jones-A-Thon: AKA I’ve Got The Blues

“I’m sorry?  Are you a professor of  Kilgrave-ism?”

I like how they’re portraying Kilgrave as unrepentantly evil–though that’s not quite fair in that evil implies motivation, a will, to direct it.

And no matter the action in and of itself, you cannot have evil without intent.

And if Kilgrave is anything, it’s amoral.  He’s so unconcerned about other people that his actions don’t rise to the level of evil because no matter how terrible what he does is, seemingly relatively little thought goes into either the act or its repercussions.

Contrast him with Wilson Fisk (Vincent D’Onofrio), from Marvel’s Daredevil, who was indeed evil, though he believed himself to be a necessary one;  in a way akin to a fever infecting Hell’s Kitchen, forcing it to produce antibodies to fight off the decay and hopelessness that he believed threatened to overwhelm it.

So in a way Fisk eventually came to see himself as evil, though with a cause, which would eventually lead to something better.

Kilgrave is different, because he’s so banal.  Like the manchild he is, he’s a black hole of need, consuming all that approach the event horizon.

Wilson Fisk knew fully well what his actions brought about, and owned up to that.  While Kilgrave doesn’t particularly care about the results of his actions, as long as he gets what he believes he needs.

As I said, banal.

Kilgrave’s on the run and he’s got his father with him.  Jessica is on his trail, though finding him prove difficult, despite his garish fashion sense.

The episode also goes into Jessica and Trish’s past, which stands in stark contrast to their current relationship.

And could we have witnessed a backdoor origin of Hellcat?

The title of this episode, AKA I’ve Got The Blues, refers to…I have no idea.  I’ll have to watch it again.

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