Iron Fist Is A Go!

I have to admit act for a while I was a bit nervous.  From rumors that Marvel Television was ditching Iron Fist and replacing him with Moon Knight (Moon Knight is pretty awesome, by the way, though he lacks a prior relationship with Luke Cage which would be essential to the narrative) to they were going to abandon the idea of a 13-episode series and instead feature Iron Fist in a television movie, it seemed that his fate was a bit up in the air.

Though today The Wrap tweeted that Marvel had chosen a showrunner for a new 13-episode series based on the character, which is awesome!

What makes Luke Cage and Danny Rand (the alter ego of Iron Fist) such an engaging pair are their contrasts.  Cage has always lived by his wits in the streets of New York (and got his powers while experimented on in prison) while Rand inherited the Rand-Meachum industrial conglomerate from his father, and was a child of affluence (though Iron Fist’s origin almost reads like Batman’s–though to be fair the idea of a character leaving their home for whatever reason and returning somehow changed isn’t exactly unusual for comics).

I don’t recall what brought Cage and Rand together, though I hope that what makes each character unique is expanded upon in their individual series.

Iron Fist was created by Roy Thomas and Gil Kane.


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