The Legend of Tarzan – Trailer

I’ll readily admit that when I learned that Warner Bros. was making a movie based on Tarzan, I seriously wondered if Kevin Tsujihara was a bit out of his mind.

After all, Tarzan has turned up numerous times–which leads me to believe that the character created by Edgar Rice Burroughs is in the public domain–but he’s not easy to make not only relevant, but grounded in a convincing reality.

Another potential minefield is that Tarzan can be, depending upon the approach, uber-offensive, racially speaking (and I know skin color is a differentiator of personhood only in the dictionary of racists and people with an eye for the obvious, but it’s the language we use) though I am curious as to how the character will be approached.

The trailer looks good, though there’s apparently a bit of CGI that looks like CGI; never a good thing.

But it looks epic enough, which should help with box office returns, though I have a sneaking suspicion that Warners may have another flop on their hands.

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