Hellions – Review

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Few people watch movies to be preached to, though that’s not to imply that they can’t be a place to learn lessons of a moral nature.

And if that’s your goal, it helps immensely to have an engaging story and fully-realized characters.

Though what also as equally important is to not bludgeon viewers into submission with your ideas, as opposed to going on a journey with them.

And while there’s no guarantee either approach will work, the latter at least makes it more likely that viewers will stick around to watch.

Which brings me to Bruce McDonald’s Hellions, which has a  really fascinating story to tell.  The movie stars Chloe Rose as Dora Vogel, who learns she’s pregnant right before Halloween.

When All Hallow’s Eve rolls around, she’s dressed as an angel and is about to leave for a party, when there’s a nock on her door. She opens it to find a little boy, dressed like a creepier version of the Scarecrow from Batman Begins.

This is also when the movie begins to fall apart, as subtle scares are replaced by those of A Nightmare On Elm Street variety.

And that’s a pity because for awhile I though that I was watching what could be a horror classic.  Instead, what I got was an ultimately disposable movie with some interesting ideas, but not interesting enough to to make warrant a repeat viewing.

Hellions is currently on Netflix; and while Halloween may be many months distant, be careful when you open the door because the streets the children travel echo with the footsteps and furtive cries of the wicked.

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