The Jungle Book Official Super Bowl Trailer

To be honest a live-action movie based Rudyard Kipling stories doesn’t particularly interest me, though seeing the trailer, it looks pretty awesome.

The action looks great, and the CGI seems convincing though there’s only one problem I can see, namely that the voice actors are so recognizable that I found myself trying to find out who was speaking, as opposed to just watching the trailer.

That being said, the movie will probably be a bit more immersive.

It’s good to see John Favreau back.  His last movie, Chef, was really good but on a much smaller scale.  The Jungle Book is apparently his move back into big-budget, effects-heavy fare.

(And I haven’t forgotten about the Captain America: Civil War, A-Men Apocalypse or Independence Day: Resurgence trailers, though they demand I get off my ass and cut a video).

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