Stop Implying Nefarious Motives For Ghostbusters (2016) Box Office Performance

For a movie who’s job was to reboot a blatantly uncontroversial movie, the 2016 reboot of Ivan Reitman’s Ghostbusters proved remarkably controversial. And while I’d rather not rehash the whole  debate, I was reading a story from Brett White from Comicbookresources‘ Spinoff Online, where he draws a comparison between the way numerous movies are treated; commenting […]

X-Men Apocalypse Wobbles To The Finish

I’ve said for a long time now that Fox doesn’t know how to manage the Marvel Studios properties–currently the X-Men and the Fantastic Four–that they currently control. So what do they do? They go and prove me right.  X-Men: Apocalypse, after a Memorial Day premiere of $79.8 million–enough to beat the competition handily–fell a dizzying 66 […]

Independence Day: Resurgence Extended Trailer

I’ve said it before, but with movies like Captain America: Civil War and the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse it’s hard for other movies to get any oxygen, particularly big-budget tentpoles like Warcraft and Independence Day: Resurgence Mixed reviews certainly don’t help, like in the case of Warcraft though I honestly think that people are getting tired […]

Captain America: Civil War -Review

And Yes, it’s as good as you hear it is. And there are ways to program against the box-office behemoth that is Captain America: Civil War, though pitting it against another superhero movie is probably not it. In other words, I’m saying Warner Bros moving Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice from the same release date was, […]

Is Batman v Superman A Failure? It Depends On How You Look At It

And the answer is a firm “Maybe.” To begin, let’s call our hypotheses, Scenario One and Two. Scenario One is the best case; Scenario Two…not at all. If your chief source of information is Box Office Mojo, then things can be interpreted somewhat optimistically. According to them, the movie is budgeted at $250 million.  That’s expensive, […]

X-Men: Age Of Apocalypse – Official Trailer

While it’s great that Bryan Singer finally understands that he’s making movies based on comic books, the bulletin might have come just a bit too late. Reason being, we’ve got Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice premiering March 28–by the time its competition appears on the horizon hopefully it will have profitability in its sights.  If it doesn’t […]