(Bruce) Wayne’s World

I didn’t particularly like the first two trailers for Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice  because they’re both filed with much bombast and thunder–as far as I can tell–signifying very little.  And I might be reading into things a bit, but if feels as if director Zach Snyder equates blowing things up with seriousness, which if that were true would put Michael Bay on the same hallowed ground as Martin Scorsese or Alfred Hitchcock.

Though with the third–and apparently the last–trailer Snyder’s finally gotten the tone right, eschewing large scale mayhem for something a bit more intimate as Batman fights a group of well-armed thugs.

The combat seems very evocative of the fighting in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, except more CGI-enhanced .

And speaking of Batman, it’s worth mentioning that there was no official Batman V Superman trailer during Super Bowl 40, there were two Turkish Airlines commercials that  were defacto trailers.

Fly to Gotham City with Turkish Airlines

They were bankrolled by Turkish Airlines; and while I can see the benefit for DC Films/Warner Bros. I fail to see how it benefits Turkish Airlines because when I take a trip to imaginary cities I am very particular as to which airline gets my equally imaginary money.

Fly to Metropolis with Turkish Airlines

The second spot ‘Fly to Metropolis with Turkish Airlines’ is bit more problematic.  The format is the same as the first, though instead of Bruce Wayne it features Lex Luthor (Jessie Eisenberg) extolling the virtues of visiting Metropolis.

The problem is that I’ve seen Man Of Steel, and I am not entirely sure that I would be building statues in praise of Superman–then again, there were statues of Josef Stalin and Saddam Hussein as well, so take that for what it’s worth–though what bothers me almost as much is Eisenberg’s interpretation of Lex Luthor, which feels a bit slimy, and by no means as authoritative or interesting as the character has been depicted in either comics or movies.

In fact, if he reminds me of anyone, it’s Martin ‘Pharma bro’ Shkreli, which was probably not Eisenberg’s–or anyone’s–intent.

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