Warner Bros Just Don’t Get It…Suicide Squad Edition

Screenshot 2016-08-03 19.14.16

Apparently executives at Warner Bros/DC Films don’t understand that people don’t want murky, unheroic super beings–be they heroes or in this instance, villains.

I mention it because reviews have begun to come in for David Ayer’s Suicide Squad, and they’re notverygood.

To be fair, they’re mixed so some that aren’t as bad, such as (on Rotten Tomatoes there are a whole bunch of positive reviews in Spanish–as in reviews directed at a Latino audience– I’m not saying that that means anything in and of itself, but it is curious) this one, though even the review I sited as relatively positive spends an inordinate amount of time dealing with what the reviewer didn’t particularly like.

So I am getting a very Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice vibe from what I have seen from Suicide Squad so far (which I intend to catch this weekend).

So following that model it shouldn’t be a surprise that it makes a big initial splash at the box office over the weekend, earning somewhere in the ballpark of $100-150 million.

Now that sounds pretty awesome if you financed the movie, till it drops pretty dramatically in the following weeks, falling somewhere between 45-60 percent in its second week (and it goes without saying, not doing as well as Fox’s Deadpool).

I can’t speak for anyone at Warner Bros, but what I can say with some degree of certainty is that, if I am right, they cannot afford to continue creating these underwhelming movies based on DC Comics characters.

Because underwhelming is just a few small steps from an inevitable failure.

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