(Unloved and Unwanted) Child’s Play Reboot Is A Go!

When I heard that there was talk to reboot the Child’s Play movies I was a bit disappointed because, under the leadership of original writer Don Mancini, it’s been a really interesting series of movies.

I think the original is pretty good, though the sequels don’t quite hit the target. That being said–particularly in the case of the later movies like ‘Bride of Chucky‘ and ‘Cult of Chucky’ –at least they’re trying to advance the narrative and do something different.

This new movie? I don’t know. Apparently they’re abandoning the supernatural aspect–which is bad, and instead opting for an AI/technological angle gone awry; along with Brad Dourif–which is worse because Dourif’s creepy-as-Hell-depiction of Chucky IS Chucky in the minds of millions of fans of the movies.

And I could be wrong, but I have an overwhelming feeling that the reboot of Child’s Play is doing nothing that we haven’t seen before, except with a modern slant.

Of course what they’re not asking if we need this movie, or if the alterations being made to the original warrant a new movie.

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