Child’s Play (2019) – Official Trailer – Trailer Into Reaction

You know the feeling you get when you think a movie’s likely to be a blatant money grab? Let’s just say my radar went off when watching the trailer for Lars Klevberg’s Child’s Play.

Klevberg’s filmography is relatively brief–I’ve seen posters of Polaroid in movie theaters, but have no idea when the movie will actually be released–though I’m not entirely sure a remake of such a well-received movie was a wise move for an upcoming director.

Tom Holland’s Child’s Play in 1988 was unexpectedly (at least for me) entertaining and managed to make a children’s toy terrifying.

Part of what made it work so well is that the toy looked like…a toy. Unlike the horrific-looking dolls from The Conjuring and Annabelle you could understand why a child would have wanted a Chucky doll in the first place.

This new version uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) as it’s motivating premise instead of possession, though that’s not enough to justify the existence of this movie.

And if there were even less reason to make this movie, Don Mancini, the writer of the original movie as well as director of Cult Of Chucky and Bride Of Chucky is still making movies, including a series destined for Syfy based on…you guessed it, Child’s Play.

And did I mention that this reboot will have 100% less Brad Dourif (the voice of Chucky) than the original movies?

That’s more than enough reason to be very, very cynical.

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