Trailer Into Reaction: Watchmen (2019) | Official Teaser

Damon Lindelof’s a bit of a controversial figure as far as fans of genre movies are concerned.

His introduction to mainstream audiences was with 2004’s Lost, and he’s been irritating fans to various degrees every since.

From Prometheus (2012) to Star Trek: Into Darkness (2013) he’s not only not afraid of tackling beloved franchises, but seemingly not at all concerned about what fans feel about said tackling.

If he were he would probably leave Watchmen alone because is Alan Moore (the writer of Watchmen) not only notoriously unaccepting of people in any way adapting his work but his fans are of a similar mindset.

But Lindelof being Lindelof, he dives in where angels (and cooler heads) fear to tread.

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