Trailer Into Reaction: Annabelle Comes Home (2019) | Official Trailer 2

I’ve been done with movies based in The Conjuring universe for awhile now. As I say in the video, they feel like horror movies made for people who don’t particularly like horror movies.

They’re well-shot, edited and lit but they’re all about jump scares and don’t seem to particularly care about whether or not they’re actually scary or not.

They have their fans but I can’t count myself amongst them. They’re all about formula–which obviously works. After all The Nun earned beaucoup dollars–and less about whether or not it’s bringing something new or interesting to the genre.

And I understand what it’s like to rest on your laurels; to do the same thing day after day because it just works.

But when you see a movie franchise do the same thing it’s…sad.

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