Trailer Into REaction – The Current War (2019) | Official Trailer

This trailer bothers me. Not because it’s bad–in fact, it works better than many.

No, what bothers me is that The Current War is based upon actual events, and movies are TERRIBLE when it comes to depicting real events with any sort of integrity.

And that’s a problem because most Americans act as if they’re ahistorical, which means that we don’t tend learn anything and repeat events about which we should now better.

Which leads to The Current War. This movie is based upon the rivalry between Nikola Tesla and Tbomas Edison–real people–and if it’s like any other movie based upon real events, it likely distorts various aspect of the rivalry for dramatic purposes.

And when you’re talking about historically ignorant people who for the most part don’t read, never mind reading history books, this can be a problem.

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