REview: Battle: LA (2011) | I’m Not Into Jingoism, Which Is Why I Don’t Like This Movie

I disliked Jonathan Liebesman’s Battle: LA a lot, which on the face of it might seem a bit contradictory because I tend to like war films, with Hamburger Hill, The Big Red One, Platoon, Full Metal Jacket and Apocalypse Now being among my favorites.

My problem with Liebesman’s movie is that it appears to revel in the violence of heavy conflict, which feels very much like what I like to call #WarPorn.

All of the aforementioned movies, while they are war films, didn’t feel like they’re reveling in the violence and conflict while Battle: LA feels like it’s having way too good a time when it really shouldn’t be.

And Battle: LA isn’t comparable to movies like Independence Day, despite covering similar territory because the latter is somewhat silly and doesn’t typically even try to create a realistic atmosphere.

Battle: LA does, which has a lot to do with how off-putting this movie really feels.


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