REview: Extraction (2020) | Rambo-esque Violence, Just As Pointless


Sam Hargrave’s Extraction (2020) is the story of Taylor Rake (Chris Hemsworth) who when the movie opens seemingly has a death wish, which might have something to do with him accepting an assignment from his handler, Arjun (Piyush Khati) to free the son of a drug lord who was kidnapped by a rival drug lord.

Arjun is clearly pining for Rake (which is understandable because Chris Hemsworth) but he’s too consumed by the death of his son–I’m not sure if his wife left him or died like his son, though I think the former is more likely–to notice.

He heads to India where he in a few blood-soaked moments overcomes the kidnappers, which is where his problems really start.

Extraction is based on a graphic novel, Ciudad, by Ande Parks with a screenplay by Joe Russo (Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame) which unlike the movie, takes places in South America and revolves around the kidnapping of a girl.

I don’t know why the change was made because while I don’t know how much of a problem drug cartels are in India they’re certainly a persistent one in South America.

One of the oddest things in the movie is that when Arjun takes the job she doesn’t require anything–not even one lead nickel–from the drug lord in terms of payment before investing a whole squad of men and technology in an effort to retrieve the boy.

These days you can barely buy a car with no money down but you can hire a mercenary/assassin based on word of mouth and/or reputation?

That little point isn’t necessarily the lynchpin that the movie revolves around, but it’s so absurd that it’s funny, which isn’t a good thing for a movie that’s has little in the way of actual comedy.

Though in the aftermath of being attacked by some young people Rake commented that he had been attacked by “the Goonies from Hell,” which was a pretty funny line.

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