REview: Who Am I (2014) | A Crime Caper Well Worth Catching

I’m not the greatest fan of subtitles.

That being said I’ve been watching quite a few foreign movies lately and what I’ve learned is that they’re a necessary evil, especially if your other option is dubbing.

Dubbing are the addition of audio (vocal) tracks, typically done after a movie is made to help it better appeal to audiences that that don’t speak the same language as the film was originally produced in.

My first experience with dubbing was when I watched Chinese Kung-fu movies growing up. That wasn’t a problem because while the dubbing was typically badly done that was part of the enjoyment and eventually became enjoyable to watch as the martial arts themselves.

Though outside that admittedly narrow context? I haven’t seen an example yet I can stomach.

I mention this because Who Am I is German film though don’t let the subtitles bother you because it’s a really good movie and worth some momentary discomfort.

Who Am I revolves around Benjamin (which interestingly is pronounced Ben-ya-min), played by Tom Shilling. He’s a loner who finds his way into computer hacking in an effort to get some sense of value, of purpose, in his life.

I could tell you more but think you should watch the movie itself because Benjamin–for reasons that cannot be revealed here–isn’t exactly what one would call a reliable narrator.

Though what I can tell you is that the movie covers similar territory as 2013’s Now You See Me except it does it much, much better.

Who Am I was co-written and directed by Baran bo Odar (who also directed Dark that airs on Netflix).

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