Trailer Into REaction: Death On The Nile (2020) | Official Trailer

A trailer dropped for Kenneth Branagh’s Death On The Nile earlier today and it really bothered me.

Agatha Christie published 66 books before her death in 1976 and yet somehow Hollywood seems to feel the need to remake those that have already been made into feature films (Murder On The Orient Express in 1974, directed by Sydney Lumet and Death On The Nile four years later, directed by John Guillermin).

Now, to be fair not all of the mysteries Christie wrote were about Hercule Poirot (she had other characters, like Miss Marple, Thomas Beresford and his wife, Prudence “Tuppence” Cowley, Harley Quin, Ariadne Oliver and Parker Pyne though Poirot was probably her most popular creation with 37 novels revolving around the diminutive detective).

Though it should go without saying that with that material there’s no reason to remake any of her books that have already been made into movies, especially when you take into account that most people have not read any of her books (I’m willing to bet).

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