Trailer Into REaction: Love And Monsters (2020) | Official Trailer

Dylan O’Brien is a good actor, though I’ve only seen him in two of the Maze Runner Trilogy (Maze Runner and Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials. I haven’t yet seen Maze Runner: The Death Cure because I’m not a glutton for punishment. It’s probably apparent that I didn’t like the two I did see WCKD fierce because despite the fact that they’re all based on YA – Young Adult – novels doesn’t mean they have to be either silly or patronizing. For instance, in the first movie it apparently never occurred to anyone to maybe attempt to scale the walls of the maze that surrounded them? And there may even have been a reason for them not doing so though I recall there being some sort of cybernetic creature within the maze, not on top of it. If you want to remove it from the realm of possibility, show someone attempting to climb it, then failing for some reason that would dissuade anyone from attempting the same. Don’t treat it as if viewers aren’t noticing what should be fairly obvious to anyone with even a partially-functioning brain) and American Assassin.

Love And Monsters doesn’t look particularly innovative – essentially (or should I say literally) being a mixture of Zombieland (2009) and Monsters (2010) story and thematically-wise.

And that’s okay because I’ve seen enough movies to know that most aren’t going to be original – never mind innovative – because that comes at a cost, that most studios aren’t willing to pay.

And besides, I enjoyed Zombieland so if it’s as appealing as that movie was (though it does not hold up particularly well to repeat viewing) then it’s a win all around.

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