Trailer Into REaction: Mortal (2020) | Official Trailer # 1

André Øvredal is the director of movies like The Autopsy of Jane Doe (2010) and Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark (2019) and while I think Autopsy is a creepier movie that Scary Stories, both are pretty enjoyable in their own right.

Now the Norwegian director appears to be taking on superheroes with Mortal.

It appears to be an origin story that revolves around a young man who discovers he has the abilities of a Norwegian deity (probably Thor, the god of thunder though the emphasis on burning at various points in the trailer is a bit off-brand).

It also appears to be a bit dark, which is very much on-brand for Øvredal though the way the trailer starts off as a relatively small human story, before it turns to something much larger is to me a bit off-putting.

As I mention in my video what’s particularly interesting about Mortal is that it uses as it’s basis Norwegian myths, yet I would think that there’s something to be said about superhero movies being the modern myths of our time, which means in a sense that Mortal is imitating itself, since it’s apparently based on the myths and traditions which helped to inspire many of today’s superheroes.

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