Trailer Into REaction: Werewolf (2020) | Official Trailer

Werewolves have always been my favorite movie monster, in hindsight because they’re so open to metaphor and reinterpretation.

They can be a manifestation of rebellion against established norms, analogies for sexual awakening (like in Ginger Snaps (2000)) or numerous other things.

Though I get the feeing that they’re at their most terrifying when they butt up against reality, which brings me to Werewolf (2020).

Judging from the trailer the movie takes place around the 1940’s, which is to say World War II. The intersection with reality happens when you take into account there was an Operation Werewolf, led by Henrich Himmler, designed to sow chaos against Allied forces after the defeat of Germany.

Now, that doesn’t appear to be what the movie is about, but then again I’m not entirely sure that what’s behind the threat is of supernatural origin or a bit more man-made because if you’ll notice from the trailer the “werewolves” look awfully like regular dogs (though to be fair this was also the case in Wolfen (1981)) though I get the feeling we might be dealing with a Hound of the Baskervilles-type situation (a suspicion reinforced by one of the so-called werewolves wearing a fairly obvious collar).

That being said, it looks gorgeously shot and I appreciate what appears to be an attempt at historical authenticity which is really important for me.

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