Trailer Into REaction: Wally’s Wonderland (2020) | Official Trailer

As you can probably guess, I really like words though as a focus of a television show it’s probably not something most people would find engaging.

Then again there’s Netflix’s History of Swear Words.

What makes it interesting is not only that it takes commonly used curses – which if you’ve existed on this planet for any length of time you’re already aware of – and explains their origins from the perspectives of some well-known comedians.

It’s pretty interesting stuff, though the cherry on top of the f#@cking sundae is that it’s hosted by Nicolas – which is the only way it should be spelled – Cage, who looks and talks as if there’s something just beneath the surface of his skin aching to get out.

It’s this barely restrained sense of the maniacal that makes him so interesting to watch though when he is allowed to let go things get really, really interesting.

And let’s just say in Wally’s Wonderland – if the trailer is any indicator – we’re going to get Cage unleashed.

Thematically speaking the movie seems to take the idea of murderous children’s theme park attractions from the video game Five Nights at Freddy’s, which is interesting because the movie based on the game has been in the works for so long that it has been beaten to the punch.

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